As summer turns to fall and fall yields to winter, you may believe that the pest control obligations you owe to your family and home are over until spring. However, even though bugs and other pests become less noticeable when the temperatures drop, they can still be present in your home. Additionally, rodents and other small creatures tend to move indoors during winter to escape the cold. Nevertheless, there are simple steps that you can take to help prevent tiny unwanted guests in the cooler months.

  • Seal up openings in your home.

The best way to bust a pest to is to prevent the pest from getting into your home. Pests tends to access the home through small openings, such as the space between your garage door and gaps between windows and doors. You can use weather-stripping or caulk to close these gaps and help prevent pests from entering. You should also periodically check windows and doors for rips and holes and patch any that appear as soon as possible.

  • Don’t invite pests to your home with attractions.

Check around your house: do you have a woodpile or a compost pile near the home? If so, you are inviting pests. Move the woodpile and compost pile as far away from the side of your home as possible. It may mean you have to walk further to access them, but it will help prevent pests from getting into your home.

Also, move trash out of the garage and away from the house. Ants and other pests are attracted to the food remnants in the trash and will lead others to the area for a feast.

Though you might think recycling bins are safe from concern, even recycled containers often have leftover food remnants that attract pests. Also, excess cardboard and other paper products attracts some beetles and other bugs that see it as potential food and shelter.

  • Inspect everything that enters your home. 

As stated earlier, some bugs are attracted to cardboard. As you shop online this holiday season, be aware that any new box that enters your Omaha home may be a home to bugs, especially those that come from other homes rather than a commercial warehouse. Be sure to inspect the box and its contents as soon as you can after it enters the home. Break down these boxes and recycle them immediately afterwards. These boxes should not remain in your home for very long.

  • Clean up.

Keeping a clean and tidy Bellevue home is essential to pest prevention. Bugs are attracted to crumbs in the carpet, dirty dishes in the sink, and forgotten food on the pantry floor. Keeping a clean home prevents bugs and rodents from enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet all over your home year round.

Be sure to clean up paper products, fabric, and extra clutter as well. These items can hide bugs are act as food and shelter for them.

  • Hire professionals.

Even if you have sealed your home and cleaned up the inside and outside of your house, bugs and other pests can often still enter. Professional pest control specialists can treat your home preventing these unwanted guests from entering or staying too long. Only with professional help can you be fully confident that you have protected your family and your home from potentially damaging and harmful bugs, rodents, and other pests.

Though you can take simple steps to helps safeguard your home against unwanted guests, the best way to prevent intruders is with the help of the pest professionals at Miller Pest & Termite. If you want help to prevent pests from entering or need someone to serve them an eviction notice, contact us.