Omaha Bug infestations make life miserable.  Even so-called “little” ones quickly grow out of control and rapidly take over your life.  Whether dealing with a nest of angry hornets outside or a quickly growing family of cockroaches under your sink, it isn’t hard to see the value of hiring a competent Omaha bug control service. Allowing trained professionals to come to your house and care for your insect issues is a certain solution.

Unfortunately, finding a successful pest control service isn’t as simple as opening a phone book or running a quick internet search. Before settling on a company, consider these 5 aspects in choosing successful bug control.  Understanding these details is the difference between choosing amateurs and professionals; when it comes to saving your house from infestation, only the best will do.

Do they have a specialty?

When considering potential bug control companies, look for services that boast unique specialties.  Companies that claim no particular area of success are usually less experienced overall.  For example, bug control services that major in definite areas such as termite prevention and extermination or structural fumigation show that they have professional skill and pride in their services.  Be wary of the company that provides overly-vague descriptions of their service.

How long have they been in service?

Although there is nothing wrong with newer companies, most bug control services that have been around longer inherently possess a greater degree of experience–both in skill and costumer service.  Older companies are often more established in costumer loyalty.  Whether choosing a newer service or an older one, always check for track records.  Consult the Better Business Bureau and customer reviews for any violations, unresolved conflicts, or other complaints. Learn from the mistakes and successes of others.

What certifications and qualifications do their exterminators posses?

The entire success of a pest control service rides on the skill and experience of its exterminators. When considering a potential bug control service, take a look at the employees that work for it. What type of hiring procedures and background checking have they undergone? Also, what type of training have they been given?  Do they possess the necessary licenses and qualifications? The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and certain state agencies regulate the certification of exterminators.  Without the necessary training and certification, exterminators cannot operate as business providers. You can easily verify the exterminator’s license by checking with your state’s pesticide regulatory office.

What kind of customer service do they provide?

The type of relationship a company holds with its customers says a lot about them overall.  Companies may present impressive skills and services, but if their customer service is poor they are the last service you want inside your home. Look for tell-tale signs of a company that values customer service. Services that are willing to take time discussing their rates and products show that they value good communication.  Companies that are too quick to force potential customers into lengthy, constrictive contracts are suspicious in the area of customer relationships.  Look for companies that offer free estimates as well as guarantees or warranties on their services.  These are the companies that value long-term service relationships.

What safety policies do they hold?

Although a bug control company may hold all the necessary state safety policies, the issue of safe service goes much deeper.  Do they show concern for your house and environment?  Always check for the types of products and chemicals a company uses. Although effective, some pesticides and products pose a great risk to your house and your family’s safety. Safe companies are those that go out of their way to choose products that are chemical-free with low environmental risk. Exterminators that exercise proper caution will pose little to no threat to your home while still accomplishing their job.

Choosing a successful bug control service is a big step.  Not only does this ensure your current pest issue is handled, but it also promises success in the future should other issues develop. Before signing contracts or committing to any services, always compare companies with these 5 aspects of successful bug control services.  For more information on bug control and handling pest infestations, please contact us today.