A Guide to Omaha German Cockroaches and How to Get Rid of Them

All About Omaha German Roaches

Omaha German cockroaches thrive all over the world and are exactly what most people picture when they hear the word “cockroach.” They usually measure about half an inch long with two distinctive black stripes directly behind their heads. Adult German cockroaches are typically brown, with the nymphs being much darker. Adult German cockroaches seldom fly despite having wings.


Preferred Environment

German cockroaches can live outdoors but prefer to live indoors. They prefer warm, humid locations. Most infestations tend to center around kitchens and bathrooms, but these insects will move to any location that can provide them with adequate food and moisture.



German cockroaches are highly efficient scavengers and can feed on a wide variety of food sources. Along with regular food items, they are known to consume the bindings of books and even soap. They are good at locating stray crumbs missed during cleaning and food remnants left on dirty dishes.


Method of Entry

German cockroaches can move between units in an apartment building via shared plumbing; however, they most common way that they get into a home is in containers. Bags or cardboard containers from a grocery store or restaurant sometimes contain these roaches. If you purchase used kitchen appliances, these may also contain German cockroaches.



One of the most distinctive characteristics of German cockroaches is their ability to reproduce rapidly. Females only need to mate a single time to produce young. A female can produce up to six egg cases, the plural term for which is oothecae. Each ootheca typically contains between 30 and 40 eggs.

Life Cycle

A German cockroach takes between 54 to 215 days to grow from egg to adult depending on the conditions. The better the conditions, the faster they grow. A nymph can molt several times and can grow to adulthood within 100 days if conditions are optimal. German cockroaches can live up to 200 days as adults.



How to Get Rid of German Cockroaches In Omaha, NE


  • Eliminate Food Sources

Ridding your home of their food sources is one of the most effective methods for eradicating this pest. This can be difficult simply because they so good at scavenging. They can live for months on small morsels of food around your toaster or fridge that even a scrupulous housekeeper may miss. You should also empty any pet food bowls rather than leave them out overnight. Keep all non-refrigerated food in tightly sealed containers.


Note that eliminating food sources works best in conjunction with other pest control strategies. It will motivate the cockroaches to go in search of new sources of food and thus increase the likelihood that they will encounter bait or poisons.


  • Eliminate Humidity

You want your house as dry as possible. Fix leaky pipes and use a towel to dry your sinks at night. You should also wash and dry towels immediately after use and avoid leaving pet water bowls out overnight.


  • Eliminate Their Shelter

Get rid of the places where they live. Fix any cracks in your walls or tile flooring with a caulking gun. You should also seal up any holes for pipes in your bathroom or kitchen. Another important step is to remove clutter in your kitchen. Countertops cluttered with appliances and dishes provide German cockroaches with more shelter.


  • Use Insecticides

Baits, dusts, and non repellents are insecticides that can be effective against German cockroaches. Use these lightly in areas where you have spotted the insects. It is best to apply only in parts of your home where kids and pets cannot access.


If you are dealing with an infestation and the methods above do not work for you, you may need a professional treatment. Contact us at Miller Pest and Termite for more information on how to handle German cockroaches in your home.