Mice infestation is a common problem and should be taken care of immediately. You might think that there’s nothing to worry about if you see just one mouse scurry across your kitchen floor, but remember that mice breed quickly. A female mouse can reproduce over 50 babies over the course of a short time. Here are a few reasons why you need to get those mice out, and why getting professional help is the best way to go.

Mice Pose Health Risks

Mice carry with them all sorts of diseases, bacteria and viruses. Hantavirus is commonly found in mice, as is LCM (Lymphocytic choriomeningitis), which is found in around five percent of mice and can cause serious damage if left untreated. Salmonellosis and Tularemia are just two more diseases that are spread by rodents.

The real danger that mice pose is through their droppings. Urine patches, fecal droppings and saliva puddles can contaminate those that come into contact with them. These droppings can be left in sensitive areas, such as in your kitchen and in your food pantry. Mice can contaminate your eating utensils and even any food left out without you knowing about it.

Although rodent bites aren’t common, they are still a possibility and should be avoided at all costs. Rat-Bite fever can be caused by rodent infestation. In addition, diseases and viruses can be spread by rodents without coming into direct contact with them at all. Just breathing contaminated dust or air can lead to illness.

You need to be especially vigilant in keeping your kids away from the rodents. If you know the mice are inhabiting your garage or attic, keep your children away until the problem is under control.

Mice Cause Property Damage

Mice chew and bite at your wooden furniture. They can damage your books and ruin your food. They can gnaw at your beams and the inside of your walls. A more serious matter is when the mice chew your power and electricity wires. This can cause a fire hazard and electrical problems.

Remove Them the Right Way

Once you have an entire mouse family in your home, you’re going to need a professional to make sure that they are entirely gone. One mouse is easy to trap, but you can’t take on an entire population yourself.

A professional exterminator will also do a cleanup job. Even if you’ve laid mice traps, you might not want to touch their carcasses themselves, as they can carry bacteria.

The same goes for mouse droppings and urine patches that the mice left around your home. As mentioned, these can contain viruses, and it’s best not to touch them yourself. For example, vacuuming them can cause them to spread in the air and will just cause additional issues. Instead, get a professional to take care of it.

Stop Them From Returning

Once you’ve exterminated your mouse population, you need to make sure that the problem doesn’t return. Simply exterminating your existing mouse population won’t prevent other mice from claiming your home as their own.

That’s why you need a professional exterminator to take care of your Omaha mouse problem, once and for all. A good exterminator will be able to pinpoint what lead to your infestation problem and will be able to identify entry points and close them up.

A pest control expert will also be able to advise you on how to keep infestation at bay, including tips on how to store your food properly and what types of products can help you repel rodents from your home in the future.

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