With winter just around the corner, you will want to keep a close eye out for any pests who may try to find a warm place to nest inside of your home. Fortunately, if pests do decide to infiltrate your home, they will likely give off signs to clue you into their presence. Here are just a few signs you can look out for indicating that there may be pests in your Omaha home.

You Hear Strange Sounds

You may be able to detect the presence of larger pests in your home by the sounds they make. For instance, if you have mice or rats in your home, you may hear the sound of scurrying feet in your house in the middle of the night. In the quiet of the night, you may even hear pests inside of your walls. The sounds pests make when your house is quiet can often be the first indicator of their presence in your home.

You Find Dead Bugs/Insect Body Parts

Just like spotting live pests in your home, you do not want to discount the significance of discovering dead insects in your house. While discovering the occasional dead spider or fly is not the end of the world, discovering a dead cockroach, termite, or ant in your home is a more serious problem. If you discover the remains of one of these pests in your home, you will want to be on the lookout for additional signs of an infestation, as there are likely more pests hiding. With termites, you will also want to be on the lookout for piles of wings near the baseboards in your home. This indicates that termites have been swarming in your home, which is a sign of an extreme infestation. In this case, you will want to consult an exterminator as soon as possible.

Wood Damage

Another important sign of the presence of termites in your home is if you discover any damage to your walls and exposed wood. The presence of holes in these surfaces, or the discovery of mud tunnels on your walls, is a clear indicator that you have a termite infestation. You can also tap your walls and wooden surfaces; if they suddenly sound hollow, this is another sign of termites as termites often devour wood from the inside out.

There Are Odd Smells in Your Home

If pests in your home have not left any visual signs behind indicating their presence, you will likely be able to detect a series infestation by the smell they create in your home. In fact, many seasoned pest control experts will be able to detect an infestation, and be given an idea as to the type of pests present, by the smell they create in the home they are inspecting. For instance, if there are rats in your home, then you may notice an unexplained ammonia smell. If there are bedbugs in your home, then you will likely notice your bedroom suddenly having a musty, yet slightly sweet, smell. Smells can give huge clues indicating that you have a pest infestation; thusly, if you encounter any unpleasant, unexplained, smells in your home, then you may want to consider consulting a pest control company.

While pests can infest your home any time of the year, you should keep a particularly close eye out with winter around the corner, as pests may find their way into your home to escape inclement weather. Contact us to learn more about the signs you can lookout for indicating that there may be pests in your home, as well as to learn tips to winterize your home against a pest infestation. Winterizing your home can help to keep pests out in the first place, and prevent an infestation in your home.