Bed bugs Omaha

Why Call Miller Pest & Termite For Bed Bugs in Omaha:

If you’re dealing with bed bugs in your home or business, you may be at your wit’s end trying to find a solution to the problem that will finally, completely eradicate bed bugs. If you’re like a lot of customers who call us regarding bed bugs, you’ve most likely spent a lot of money on home remedies and over-the-counter products, and you may have even paid a ‘professional’ pest control company to get rid of them, all without results.

Bed bugs are difficult to treat, especially if you don’t understand how they migrate throughout a building and take up residence in room after room until your entire building is infested with the pets. Spraying most often does more harm than good, as it simply causes bed bugs to move on to another part of the building that has not been affected by the poison.

At Miller Pest, we do things a little differently than other pest control agencies. Our treatment works even better than those thermal heat treatments you’ve probably heard about. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on heat treatment and are looking for an effective solution to the problem, we can help.

One of the benefits of our service that is very well-received by our customers is that our treatment requires limited prep. You may have spoken to another pest control company that gave you a list of preparations necessary before they could come in and provide treatment. This prep often includes a weekend spent in washing every article of clothing and bedding in the home, arranging for someone to pick up your furniture that will have to be disposed of, and planning on spending a week in alternative accommodations.

Our solutions are more effective and a lot less complicated. Even if you have a serious infestation of bed bugs in Omaha, you don’t have to throw out your furniture or spend days washing clothing and sheets. Approximately 90% of our low to medium infested customers can benefit from our limited prep treatment for bed bugs. If chemicals have been sprayed in your home for bed bugs, you are classified as a high infestation because bed bugs have most likely migrated to different places in your building.

We are proud to offer affordable, effective treatment for bed bugs for Omaha residents, condo owners, hotel owners nursing facilities, office buildings, restaurants, and many other types of businesses as well. Call us to speak with one of our pest specialists and we’ll let you know whether we can provide the service to your type of industry.

Our reputation throughout the community is evidence of our commitment to your total satisfaction with our services. We can manage your pest problem- and by ‘manage’, we mean eradicate, once and for all. Before you call another pest control agency, find out how affordable our services are by calling us at 402-769-0997. We offer a free inspection of your building followed by a free quote.