Bed Bugs

Omaha Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs are fast-multiplying, hearty insects that can be difficult to eradicate. But even the most daunting bed bug infestation is no match for Miller Pest and Termite. Our trained technicians will come out to your home for a free inspection to determine if your house has a bed bug problem. If a bed bug infestation has been confirmed, our professionals use a heat treatment to exterminate the insects. Because bed bugs are robust creatures, Miller Pest and Termite will conduct a follow-up visit to ensure your home is no longer plagued by these pests.
Increased travel has caused the number of bed bug cases to steadily rise across the country over the last 25 years, and Omaha is no exception. Early detection is absolutely critical. Signs to look for include shed exoskeletons and blood stains on your sheets and pajamas. Bed bug bites may look similar to other insect bites, such as fleas or mosquitoes. Pay attention to any skin irritation, including red welts, burning and itching, rashes, and straight lines of multiple bites. The moment you suspect you may have bed bugs in your home, please call Miller Pest and Termite for a free inspection.