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Boxelder Bug

Quick Facts


.5'' long

Preferred Habitat

In the midwest the boxelder bug is most commonly seen in Autumn. They can be found at parks, gardens, meadows. Around your home they can be found sunning themselves alongside homes and garage doors, especially near Boxelder bushes.

Known Health Issues

Boxelder bugs are not a threat to humans. When crushed they produce a staining dye that is not harmful.
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The boxelder bug gets its name from the fact that it’s primarily found around and on boxelder trees, but it can also be found on ash and maple trees, as well as on your back porch. Adult boxelder bugs feed on vegetation and seeds on the ground during spring and the early summer months. Mid-summer female boxelder bugs will start to lay eggs on trunks, branches, and leaves. When the weather cools down in the fall, they move from the trees to find protected, warm areas in the winter.


Is the Boxelder Bug Dangerous?

Boxelder bugs are harmless pests. They’re only considered a nuisance, but their excrement may stain walls and other surfaces.