Identify Your Pest

Carpenter Ant

Quick Facts


6mm-12mm long

Preferred Habitat

You may find colonies of carpenter ants in decaying or hollow trees, logs, and stumps. Carpenter ants may enter your home in search of food. Homes built near wooded areas are more likely to experience an infestation.

Known Health Issues

Carpenter ants may not be a threat to your health, but they could be a threat to the woodwork in your home.
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Carpenter ants are one of the largest pest ants in the United States. Carpenter ants are nocturnal, so you may need to inspect after dark with a flashlight. They can be found inside wood, which means they may be attracted to your home’s frame, deck material, etc. The problem is that they will bore holes in wood, damaging its structural integrity.


Is the Carpet Beetle Dangerous?

While rare, a carpenter ant will bite as a defense if their nest is disturbed or when otherwise threatened. Their bites sting, but carpenter ants aren’t known to spread infections or diseases.