Identify Your Pest

Carpet Beetle

Quick Facts


3-6 mm long

Preferred Habitat

Carpet beetles can be found indoors on carpet, and on or inside furniture especially those made of leather, wool, feather, and fur.

Known Health Issues

Carpet beetles do not carry diseases that are dangerous to humans.
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Carpet beetles are often found inside homes and businesses in—you guessed it—carpet. They’re attracted to fibers and also like to dwell on (and in) furniture, blankets, and clothing. Damage from carpet beetles typically occurs when they are larvae, since they’re growing and eat fibers. They can usually be found in undisturbed, quiet, dark locations, so a closet is perfect. You may even find them inside woodwind instruments that have been left alone in storage. Carpet beetles are sometimes called “museum pests” due to the fact that there are large amounts of undisturbed areas and fabrics lying still.

Is the Carpet Beetle Dangerous?

While carpet beetles don’t bite humans, they have been known to cause rashes. The adult carpet beetle is capable of flying, which means you may find them essentially anywhere in and around your home. That also means they can lay their eggs in those areas as well.