Identify Your Pest

Fruit Fly

Quick Facts


2-4 mm long

Preferred Habitat

Just as the name inquires, you can find fruit flies near ripened fruit, vegetables, trash cans, and empty or open alcohol bottles.

Known Health Issues

Fruit flies do not bite and are harmless to humans. They may carry pathogenic bacteria since they frequent unsanitary areas.
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The drosophila melanogaster, otherwise known as the common fruit fly, is a small pest typically found in and around the home where rotting food is left out. The female fruit fly reaches around 2.5 millimeters in length, while the male fruit fly is a bit smaller and tends to have a darker back. Infestations of fruit flies can happen year round, but fruit flies are most prevalent in late summer.


Is the Fruit Fly Dangerous?

Fruit flies aren’t able to bite (their mouths aren’t large enough), but the problem comes from the fact that they carry diseases, viruses, bacteria that they can pass to you.