Identify Your Pest

Oriental Cockroach

Quick Facts


18-29 mm long

Preferred Habitat

The oriental cockroach is also called the waterbug. The oriental cockroach prefers dark, moist places with high humidity. They can found in damp basements, sewers, drains, and other damp locations.

Known Health Issues

This cockroaches have the ability to bite, but they rarely do. An oriental cockroaches bite is painless unless it becomes infected. Oriental cockroaches do carry diseases and can contaminate the food and kitchen surfaces.
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Also known as a waterbug, the oriental cockroach can grow to be up to 29mm in length, although the female is usually a bit smaller. Darker brown to black in color, oriental cockroaches are dependent on water and food sources, making them a big annoyance. Because they can live up to a month without food, but only two weeks with no water, they can be difficult to treat on your own. They tend to like dark, warm, and humid areas, making your bathroom or basement, sewage pipes or sinks the perfect environment.


Is the Oriental Cockroach Dangerous?

The oriental cockroach does not sting or bite, but because they tend to live in areas with rotting food, they’ve been known to carry bacteria into your home, contaminate food, and make you ill.