Identify Your Pest

Pill Bug

Quick Facts


.25"-.5" long

Preferred Habitat

Pillbugs are found in moist soil or rotting wood.

Known Health Issues

Pill bugs do not carry any diseases and are not known for contaminating food sources. However, they can invade homes in large numbers because a huge nuisance.
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Pill bugs can also be called “roly polies.” These creatures are actually crustaceans—not insects—and are closely related to lobsters, crabs, and shrimp. Pill bugs are the only crustaceans that have adapted to live their life on land. They’re nocturnal, and leave their burrows at dark in search of rotting animal flesh and plants.


Is the Pillbug Dangerous?

Considered to be nuisance pests, the pill bug only bites humans or pets when directly handled. Even then, the bite isn’t dangerous.