Identify Your Pest


Quick Facts


12mm-19mm long

Preferred Habitat

Silverfish can be found near dark, warm places inside the home. They are drawn to starchy substances commonly found in pantries.

Known Health Issues

Silverfish are harmless to humans and are more considered just a nuisance.
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Silverfish are nocturnal insects with a fish-like appearance. Silverfish are completely wingless and have a long antennae. When walking, silverfish move in a wiggling motion that resembles the movement of a fish. That, coupled with their silver color, earned them their common name.


Is the Silverfish Dangerous?

They may be scary-looking, but silverfish don’t bite humans. They also have not been known to carry diseases. Silverfish are really just a nuisance pest, as they can feed on starch and are often found in books, papers, and carpet.