Identify Your Pest


Quick Facts


1/4"-1/2" long

Preferred Habitat

Termites are highly destructive to douglas fir and other common building structures made from wood.

Known Health Issues

Termites are not known to be a public health risk, but they can severely damage wooden structures.
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The main type of termite in Nebraska is the Eastern subterranean termite. Omaha and Bellevue areas are at high risk of termite infestations. There are different members of a Eastern subterranean nest. Each termite has a different role to perform and all are interdependent on each for survival in the colony. These include queen, king, the winged reproductive (young king and queens), soldier and worker termites.


Is the Termite Dangerous?

Termites aren’t known to carry diseases that are harmful to humans, but they have been known to bite or sting. Those bites and stings can result in allergic reactions, including asthma attacks. It’s been reported that some humans are also allergic to the droppings and saliva from termites.