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Humans and animals have lived together since the dawn of time, but this relationship was not always beneficial for us. This is why we have divided animals into the useful ones and the pests. The useful ones we use in the food industry or as pets, giving us comfort and emotional support. The pests provide us with nothing but headaches, to put it mildly, at which point we, at Miller Pest & Termite, come in.

An exterminator in Omaha has a lot to deal with because pests come in various sizes, shapes and species and the damages they will deliver will also vary depending on their particular nature. In that regard, we have many reasons for concern. Depending on the species of animals or insects we are talking about, you may come across a wide range of damages you would surely like to avoid.


Rats, for instance, will:

– Poison your food storages – One rat will eat for up to 25 times a day and will defecate and urinate twice as much. Statistics show that rats spoil more than ten times the food they consume.

– Causing damages in the electrical system – Rats use to chew on a hard material to sharpen their teeth, which includes electric wires, thus increasing the risk for fires, shortcircuits and financial damages.

– Endanger your pets – Rats are extremely dangerous to your pets, cats included. They are larger and more aggressive than mice and can inflict more damages as a consequence.

– Cause infectious diseases – Leptospirosis is an affection that is triggered by pathogenic agents infecting the urine of dogs and cats. And every exterminator in Omaha knows that those pathogens come from rats.

And the downsides exposed here are only related to rats. Other pests like earwigs can destroy your garden, as well as leaving unhealthy droppings all over the place; termites can cause extensive structural damages, moths will ruin your clothing and stink bugs can prove to be very nasty smelling companions.


No pests allowed

If you think one specimen can cause plenty of damages, especially when talking about larger species like that of rodents, for instance, you should see what an entire colony can achieve. And this is the main problem here – pests generally come in families or colonies, sometimes with tens of thousands of individuals and even more.

In these conditions, repelling them is no easy task. Termites, for instance, can be difficult to track down. Although you may be able to notice the infestation, it is challenging to spot the colony’s location, especially when it has already infiltrated your house’s walls, foundation or the roof.

Termites can cause billions of dollars in financial repercussion across the world, not only because they instill material damages because they devalue the properties. This is why an exterminator in Omaha is one of the best solutions in dealing with pests of any kind. We, at Miller Pest & Termite, are focused on breaking down pest populations regardless of their size, of the type of species involved and so on. Protecting humans and minimizing the financial and material damages is paramount compared to everything else.