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Trust Miller Pest & Termite Professional Exterminators in Omaha:

We are proud to be one of the most reputable pest control agencies serving the greater Omaha area. At Miller Pest, we are committed to providing services that are tailored to meeting the needs of our customers. Our dedication to excellence is evidenced in everything we do- from our QualityPro certification to offering affordable services that are guaranteed.

If you’re dealing with a pest issue in your home or business, our QualityPro Certification is a mark of excellence you can depend on for the complete and total eradication of pests from your premises. Pest companies that are committed to professionalism go the extra mile by obtaining the QualityPro Certification that lets their clients know, they are among only 3% of pest control agencies within the US that have chosen to identify with a higher standard of service.

We believe in providing value to our clients as well- and we think value goes beyond simply offering dependable services at low prices. That’s why we offer free pest inspections throughout the greater Omaha region. Free inspection is not a service you’ll find most exterminators in Omaha offering their customers, but it’s one we firmly believe in offering as a means of better understanding the pest issue you’re dealing with.

Our inspection of your premises will include an assessment of the life cycle pests have established in your building, giving us a better idea of what it will take to eliminate pests from your location. We’ll also look closely at the conditions, environment, and sources that all play into the extent of your infestation. Once we have a sound understanding of what you’re facing, we’ll offer a customized solution to completely eradicate pests once and for all.

We also offer value to our clients by removing spider webs and wasp nests from the exterior of your home’s structure- at no cost, every time we visit, along with free termite presence monitoring. We offer a range of preventative treatment options for home and business owners who wish to maintain a pest-free building, which is one of the smartest ways to keep pests from specifically choosing your building to nest in.

Our commercial pest control services fully meet the needs of businesses in a range of industries, including restaurants, churches, schools, retail stores, offices, hotels, management companies, nursing homes and many other types of business sectors. If you’re not currently satisfied with your pest control agency, consider calling one of our exterminators in Omaha to discuss your needs. We’ll come out and take a look at your building and let you know what we can do to eradicate pests from your place of business- and keep them from returning.

Miller Pest & Termite is on the cutting edge of new treatments and techniques for extermination. We have the equipment, know-how, and experience to assist you in maintaining a bug and pest-free home or business with guaranteed results. Schedule your free inspection by calling 402-769-0997.