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Mosquito Control Omaha Services

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they also carry dangerous diseases. Are you tired of not being able to enjoy your yard and being stuck inside? Miller Pest offers mosquito control in Omaha. We offer packages to keep these pests out of your yard all summer long. We also do one time treatments for a special outdoor event like a wedding or party. Our mosquito control methods will reduce the population of these insects in your yard by 90%. All services are applied by our licensed professionals who are experts on where these pests like to congregate. Protect your family and pets against these pests!

Omaha Mosquito Control and Tick Plan:

  • Treatment of your property every 3 weeks is recommended to keep mosquitoes away (May – September)
  • Focus on problem areas where mosquitoes and ticks are more prevalent
  • Your family and pets will be protected
  • Reduce the mosquito and tick population by 90%
  • No need to be home

Mosquito Treatment Omaha For Your Special Event:

  • Treat 24 to 48 hours prior to your event
  • Perfect for outdoor weddings and parties
  • Even after rain, your mosquito and tick treatment will still be very effective
  • Protect your guests from getting bit by mosquitoes and ticks

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How to Defend Your Property Against Mosquitoes

  • Dispose of buckets, plastic containers, cans, pots, or other items that may hold water
  • Remove tires that may hold water
  • Add holes in the bottom of outdoor recycling containers
  • Clean gutters regularly
  • Don’t let water stagnate in birdbaths and keep wheelbarrows turned over
  • Aerate ornamental pools or stalk with fish
  • Chlorinate swimming pools, keep them clean, and remove water from pool covers

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Help stop Disease!

Treatments like ours help stop diseases like the Zika Virus and West Nile Virus

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