Pest Control

The Best Local Omaha Pest Control Company in Nebraska

Miller Pest and Termite offers Omaha pest control services to Bellevue, Council Bluffs, Papillion, and La Vista residents peace of mind by helping protect families from unwanted pests inside and outside their home. Our company provides free pest inspections to detect the severity of the problem, and then they will plan out a custom plan to successfully remove any pests from your home.

Each of our services is completed by a uniformed employee, using effective products, and providing custom solutions to keep insects out of your home. Bugs and rodents can make their way into your home any time of the year, so a regular service is a great investment for your home and your health.


Your Custom Residential Pest Control Omaha, NE Plan

Miller Pest and Termite will create a custom tailored pest control Omaha plan for your situation to give you peace of mind. Our primary services include pest elimination and termite protection. We offer affordable year round pest protection to ensure your home is always pest free. This regular preventative plan includes termite monitoring, exterior rodent stations, spider web removal, wasp nest removal, and a preventative treatment. We also include pantry pests, carpenter ants, voles, indoor fleas, wasps, yellow jackets, and many other pests in our program that other local pest control companies will charge you extra for.


How Does Our Residential Plan Work?

  1. An interior inspection and service will be completed the first time we do a treatment on your property to take care of any current issues.
  2. The exterior will be inspected and  serviced to eliminate any pests and help keep future pest problems at bay.
  3. Our ongoing program will prevent pests from entering your home by creating a barrier around the exterior.
  4. Regular services are simple and convenient. We make it simple for customers with busy schedules.

Your Service Includes:

  • A visual inspection of your home to locate problem areas where pests, rodents, or termites could be accessing your home.
  • A custom treatment based on what we find during our inspection will solve current pest issues and help keep them from coming back.
  • Spider webs and wasp nests will be removed from anywhere on the exterior of your home’s structure, even on a second story.
  • Monitor the premier of your home for the presence of termites.

How Is Our Omaha Pest Control Program Different?

  • We include TERMITE MONITORING for FREE with our regular program.
  • We include RODENT STATIONS for FREE with our regular treatment service.
  • We knock down SPIDER WEBS for FREE with our ongoing pest program.
  • We remove WASPS NESTS for FREE without regular service.
  • We include Interior FLEAS, ROACHES, WASPS, PANTRY PESTS, and many other pests for FREE in our program. All other companies will charge you extra for some or all of these items.



  • Our service is ALL INCLUSIVE!!! Other companies will charge you extra for mice, flying insects, voles, fleas, pantry pests, yellow jackets, and other types of insects. On a regular service, these will be included at no extra cost.
  • We will remove spider webs and wasps nests around your home during each visit.
  • Termite monitoring is FREE, with your regular pest service.
  • Rodent bait stations are FREE, with your regular pest service.

We’re not happy until you’re happy. Please inform us if you feel you are experiencing unusual amounts of insect activity. We will be happy to return to your home for free to inspect or even retreat any problem areas.




  • German Roaches • Pantry Pests • House Crickets • Oriental Roaches • Voles • Mice • Rats
  • Household Ants • Silverfish • Crickets • Earwigs • Yellow Jackets • Grasshoppers • Hornets • Spiders
  • Paper Wasps • Fleas & Ticks (Indoor) • Carpenter Ants • Carpenter Bees • Box Elder Bugs
  • Millipedes • Centipedes • Stink Bugs • Asian Beetles • Lady Bugs • Pillbugs • Sowbugs • American Roaches

Call today for a free pest inspection at 402-769-0997.


Pro Tip: Turn your lights off for spider prevention.

Spiders feed on many different insects. Flying insects are attracted to the lights on inside and outside of your house at night. Mayflies, midges, moths, and mosquitos are some of the flying insects that will be attracted to the lights you leave on. By covering your windows up during the nighttime hours, you will reduce the insects moving up to your house and in return have less spiders praying on these pests. You can also change your exterior lights to yellow lights. Bugs are not as attracted to this type of light.