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Omaha Termite Control, Treatment & Inspections

Do you suspect a termite problem around your home or office in Omaha, Council Bluffs, or Bellevue? Miller Pest and Termite will not only inspect your property for free to determine if there is an infestation, be we also provide the only treatment proven to eliminate termite colonies. Our team consists of certified Sentricon specialists who guarantee the results you want to see. Every Omaha termite treatment comes with a warranty.


What is Sentricon?

Sentricon is a non-invasive, environmentally friendly, permanent solution for termite infestations. The treatment has undergone numerous tests by 30 universities, the EPA, and even the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Researchers agree that Sentricon effectively eliminates entire termite colonies, not just the individual worker termites. Sentricon treatments involve bait stations set up around the perimeter of your property that contain cellulose material the termites are attracted to; they even prefer it over wood. Each bait tube has enough power to eliminate millions of termites. Call today to setup your Bellevue termite treatment (402-769-0997).


Why Is Sentricon Better Than a Liquid Termidor Treatment in Omaha & Council Bluffs?

Miller Pest and Termite only uses the Sentricon system ® as a Bellevue termite treatment option because it is the only proven treatment available to eliminate the entire Termite colony including the Queen. These tests have been completed by the EPA, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and researched by 30 universities. There has been over 70 university articles written that prove that Sentricon effectively eliminates entire termite colonies. Products like Termidor do not print or claim to eliminate the entire colony of termites. You will only find words like “termite management” or “termite control” on their labels.  Liquid treatments are designed to only kill individual termites.


Omaha Termite Treatment and Inspection Service

When Miller Pest and Termite visits your home or office in Omaha, Bellevue, or Council Bluffs, you can expect superior customer service, knowledgeable technicians, and thorough procedures. Our termite inspection and treatment services includes:

  • A complete inspection of the property to identify potential entry points and other variables attracting the pests to your home or business
  • An exterior termite treatment to keep the insects out of your home and office
  • A tracking system around the exterior to monitor termite activity
  • A follow-up visit to inspect the property

Where Does Miller Pest & Termite Complete Termite Exterminator Services & Inspections?

We offer free termite inspections on your home or business in Omaha, Bellevue, Council Bluffs, La Vista, and Papillion. We cover all areas within 30 miles of Omaha, Nebraska. Call us now to setup your Council Bluffs termite treatment (402-769-0997).

Signs You May Have A Council Bluffs Termite Problem

  • Soft spots in walls, sagging floors, and cracked plaster.
  • Mud tubes on your foundation, by windows, and doors.
  • Small pinholes in wood or drywall.
  • Wood that is damaged and easily crumbles.
  • Swarmer’s (winged termites) inside your home.


Looking For A Omaha Real Estate Termite Inspection?

Miller offers Omaha, NE termite inspection reports. We work with real estate agents and homeowners both. The most common reasons you will need a real estate termite inspection in Omaha would be if you are:

  • Selling your home
  • Buying a home
  • Refinancing

We visually examine your property for any signs of wood destroying insects. We will inspect basements, crawlspaces, and the exterior foundation. We recommend getting a inspection done early in the sales process so there is no surprises that could hang up the sell of your home.

What To Expect After Your Inspection Is Completed

Our office will review and email your inspection report over generally within a few hours of completion.

Common Real Estate WDI Report FAQ

Q: You found termite evidence but there was no live termites. Do I need to treat my property?

A: When you read Section 2 on the back, it says: if your property has not been treated in the previous five years (you must have documents), or you are not under a warranty with the company who completed your treatment than you are required to have another treatment completed. The government has put this in place to protect them. Even when you purchase your home through a local small bank, generally the government will purchase your loan back from the bank and they want to be protected.

Q: What pests are you looking for during an inspection?

A: Any wood destroying insects. Carpenter ants, powder post beetle, termites, etc.

Q: Why do I need a termite inspection of my house?

A: Most lenders require this so they can be sure you the home you are buying or selling doesn’t have any wood destroying pest issues.

Q: What if the inspection shows termites or other insects that are present?

A: Your property will need to be treated to make sure there are no more issues.

Pro Tip

By keeping up the termite warranty up after treatment, it can save you from throwing away hundreds or thousands $$$ of dollars if you decide to sell your home after five years. This is true if your home needs to pass a inspection when you sell and old evidence is still present. The government form will require you to have another treatment completed even if your problem was solved.

Call 402-769-0997 TODAY to setup a free termite inspection or La Vista termite control treatment or check out our pest control Papillion, NE services.

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